Things to Come

Things to Come

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Sometimes viewed as a book of mystery that is difficult to comprehend, Dr. Webber helps to bring clarity to the book of Revelation – the one book of the Bible that comes with a blessing for the reader. There are many varied interpretations regarding the last days and the judgment. God’s Word does not contradict itself; Dr. Webber guides the reader to a biblical understanding of what will transpire for both the lost and saved, utilizing both Old Testament and New Testament passages.

The destiny of the righteous after death was the same in both testaments, but incorrect doctrine regarding the end times slipped in through the Apocrypha and other supplemental books which are not a part of the canon of Scripture. Salvation is not dependent upon a right view of the rapture and the millennium. Eschatology is only a small component of all of Christian theology, and the rapture debate constitutes only a small section of eschatology. More important than claiming we have the correct interpretation is unity in the Body of Christ.

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