Healing in the Old Testament: Natural and Supernatural

Healing in the Old Testament: Natural and Supernatural

Strategic Press

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A correct understanding of biblical healing in Scripture can strengthen the witness of the Christian faith while safeguarding believers from tragedy caused by a misplaced view of the role and application of healing in the Body of Christ. Biblically and historically, both supernatural and natural healing were used by God’s people, but errors of the faith movement have damaged a biblical view of healing. The righteous man will avoid all extremes.

Dr. Webber presents a balanced view in which natural and supernatural healing are both an acceptable and necessary part of the life of a Christian. Utilizing Scripture, practical examples and common sense, this book clears up the confusion regarding the use of both supernatural and natural healing. Ultimately, while some have considered it a sin to receive natural healing, God is the source of all healing and gives the wisdom for natural healing, as well.

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