The Blood of God

The Blood of God

Strategic Press

  • 1595

Alienated from God, morally defiled and corrupt, mankind was helpless and sentenced to eternal punishment, save the precious blood of Christ. We, the guilty ones, deserved damnation, but God, rich in mercy, did not give us what we deserve. Though our holy God set the righteous requirements, He also fulfilled them for those who could not. Dr. Webber offers clear delineation regarding many common misconceptions of the church, such as whether Jesus experienced spiritual death, passed through hell while suffering, or literally bore all the sicknesses and diseases of the world during His crucifixion. He judiciously uses the Word of God to answer these important questions and exposes the flaws in erroneous teachings. While gaining a keener understanding of the redemption which paid our ransom with Jesus’ blood and redeemed us from the authority and power of the enemy, the reader will discover the true nature of Atonement. The work of Jesus on the cross was for the purpose of glorifying God. The Atonement glorifies God’s justice, holiness, love, mercy, grace and wisdom and could only be accomplished by One. While much has been said about the blood of Christ, Dr. Webber shows us the need for clarity on the doctrine of the shed blood of God and systematically and comprehensively demonstrates through the Word of God all components of the blood of Jesus – the necessity for, the provision of, the sufficiency, efficacy and healing power of the precious blood of God. Dr. Webber lays a thorough foundation of our sinfulness, deserved damnation, God’s just and holy punishment and the remarkable grace of God. Vividly depicting the torture and torment of damnation, the reader is captivated afresh by the awesome power of the shed blood of our living Savior, which accomplished our redemption, paid our ransom and forgave the sins of all mankind through the physical death of our God, Who died in His humanity. The blood of Christ is sufficient to pay for our sins – nothing can be added to it. Dr. Webber leads the reader to conclude that Jesus was not abandoned by His Father, did not die spiritually and did not suffer the torment of Hell. In fact, it is revealed that salvation has nothing to do with the devil. To the contrary, salvation has everything to do with the removal of God’s wrath toward man – Jesus set us free from the curse and legal condemnation of God’s holy law. Prior to salvation, we were held captive by Satan; now, by the saving grace of His shed blood, we believers are delivered from that captivity and saved from the wrath of God!

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