To Enjoy Him Forever

To Enjoy Him Forever

Strategic Press

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Jesus died on the Cross to restore man to God; to restore man to fellowship with His God. This fellowship means more than just a legal position in Christ, but it is a living, daily experience. Out of this experience comes the whole of the Christian life. To know Jesus is our ultimate purpose. To fellowship with Him is our highest calling. And when we have Him, we have everything. Let us come to know personal fellowship with Him first, and the rest will follow. The Christian life can only come out of a living inward union with its Source: Jesus Christ Himself. Eternal life, healing, deliverance, peace, joy, holiness, righteousness, faith, the fruits and gifts of the Spirit, spiritual strength and power – all are in HIM. In Him we are complete, and can do all things – and without Him we are empty, and can do nothing. Our only end – our only purpose – is the Lord Jesus Christ. Let Him be your pursuit.

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