In Him Was Life

In Him Was Life

Strategic Press

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Our eternal God made us to enjoy eternal fellowship with Him. Dr. Webber conveys the importance of divine fellowship and the necessity of this communion to the Body of Christ. The word fellowship might evoke images of potluck Sunday luncheons and social gatherings, but it is genuine fellowship that is lacking in the Body of Christ today.

The definition of the Greek noun koinonia describes the beautiful relationship of faith which connects true Christians to God and to all other true believers, and aptly describes the emphasis of this book. What is needed in our individual lives and the Church today is not religiosity or dogma, but a Divine fellowship and an awareness of God in ordinary life, which is the source of all true Christian character. As the Church seeks unity, it must begin with fellowship with the eternal God. God is seeking to restore Himself to the Church; not programs or rote sayings, but Himself.

With Christ at the center of each individual, each local church, and ultimately the Body of Christ, all in fellowship with our eternal God and with one another, the Church can accomplish what it was destined by God to do. Unity in the Body of Christ cannot be based upon or tied to an individual, a similar culture, ethical standards, evangelism, doctrine or even an outward confession of Christ. Unity without pretense is found in fellowship with Christ alone.

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