The Christian Family

The Christian Family

Strategic Press

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In The Christian Family, Dr. Malcolm Webber succinctly and biblically defines the origin and purpose of the Christian family while affirming its importance in today’s society. In a day when many blindly accept our culture’s ever-changing definition of the family, or are confused about what the composition of the Christian family should look like, Dr. Webber serves as a beacon clarifying that God – not man – designed the structure of the family for His glory and His purposes. Dr. Webber highlights the fact that God makes covenants with families – not just individuals – for His glory and our benefit. Addressing the worldly influences that sidetrack us from the original purpose of the God-designed family, this book serves as a guiding compass for the reader, detailing the significance and divine order of the Christian family by using scriptural references and practical insight. Dr. Webber reveals that the family exists not merely for our own pleasure, but for a much higher purpose. Applying the biblical worldview and sound advice found within these pages, the practicing Christian is sure to find family life more fulfilling. Dr. Webber reveals the contemporary ideologies which often add God as an afterthought to the family structure, placing priority on satisfying self. He correctly affirms that the biblical worldview places God first and foremost at the center of the family and outlines God’s perfect plan that ultimately brings us greater satisfaction. With biblical support for each assertion, Dr. Webber provides solid counsel to husbands, wives, parents and children within the framework of the Christian family. This work offers a roadmap to God-inspired wisdom without the debilitating dogma associated with legalism, pop psychology or man-centered theology. Beautiful liberty and rich blessings await those who choose to walk in obedience to God’s will for their lives and those of their families.

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