The Preeminence and All-Sufficiency of Jesus Christ: A Brief Exposition of Colossians (eBook - PDF Download)

The Preeminence and All-Sufficiency of Jesus Christ: A Brief Exposition of Colossians (eBook - PDF Download)

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A voice from another time comes to life again at a key moment in the life of the church. Dr. Webber gets to the heart of Paul’s intent in writing the book of Colossians – addressing the globalization of religion that was present in the ancient Church and is still present today.

Written from behind prison walls, Paul writes an impassioned plea to remain faithful to the Lord and His Word and to reject the errors of false teachers. Focusing on the centrality of Christ, Paul exhorts the Church to recognize the toxic blend of heresy and to turn from it. As it concerns our modern day culture, we must recognize that our spiritual need is to find our identity in Christ alone – in His preeminence and all-sufficiency. Jesus is above all – we are not to lose our focus on Christ alone by worshiping angels, Mary, or even church denominations. He is our sole mediator and His sacrifice is all we need for victory in our walk with God. Being in Christ does not simply consist of external regulations or strict observances as a path to holiness. Christ’s death and resurrection should lead to more than just different ethical choices. Daily lives are impacted when we walk in unity with Christ, the preeminent One, Who is our all in all.

Dr. Webber brings the reader back to the simple, beautiful precepts that ought to affect our daily lives and guide us in our walk and standing with God. Recognizing the authority of Christ, truly abiding in Christ, knowing Jesus as the Truth and avoiding captivation by abstract and esoteric beliefs are basic requirements in the life of a believer. Moreover, the believer’s position before God is dependent upon his continued faith in the preeminent Christ. Ultimately, Paul’s purpose was to see every believer achieve maturity – not merely to politicize or Christianize the culture around him.

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