SpiritBuilt Leadership #8 - Building Teams

SpiritBuilt Leadership #8 - Building Teams

Strategic Press

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Teamwork does not just happen – but the time spent building a healthy team is well worth the investment. Dr. Webber guides the reader through the establishment of a biblical basis for teams, as well as the characteristics and nature of teams. Taking a hands-on approach, he provides application through introspection and evaluation of the reader and his involvement on teams. True teamwork requires individuality within the framework of the team; yet each one must see his need for everyone else on the team. Team members are committed and concerned for one another and have complementary gifts and skills – not overemphasizing one gift over any other. From the micro-level of the individual to the macro-level of the team, we see the importance of evaluating each member for optimum efficiency and health. Revealing the pitfalls of traditional leadership versus the benefits of team leadership, Dr. Webber enumerates many components that make up a successful, healthy team – the importance of a common vision and accountability, the priority of prayer, frequent and meaningful communication, an inclusive attitude, shared responsibilities, overcoming the threat of differences, and decision-making by consensus.

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