Deliverance: The Principles and Practice of Deliverance Ministry

Deliverance: The Principles and Practice of Deliverance Ministry

Strategic Press

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With Patricia Katzer. Jesus helped many people who were afflicted by demons. In fact, about one-third of His public ministry involved casting out demons. Two thousand years later, has our enlightened civilization managed to remove itself from the shadow of demonic oppression? We may think it’s possible for some non-Christians to suffer in this way, but can Christians also come under the influence of evil forces? Are depression, anger and fear mental health issues and personality struggles, or can they also involve demonic bondage? Are alcoholism, drug addiction and lust merely bad habits or can they also involve spiritual oppression? How can someone who is oppressed find freedom? Where did the demons come from in the first place? How do they enter a person’s life and how can we guard against them?

While the Bible does not major on the presence and activity of Satan and his helpers, it clearly presents them as real enemies of God and man, describing their nature and functions in many places. Moreover, the Scriptures give us clear direction about how to be set free. Deliverance provides scriptural and practical guidance to equip believers to free ourselves and stay free, and to help free others. Jesus died to set us free from Satan’s power. Let’s live in the glorious liberty He purchased for us!

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