Encouragement to Suffering Saints: A Brief Exposition of 1 Peter

Encouragement to Suffering Saints: A Brief Exposition of 1 Peter

Strategic Press

  • 1295

If you have lived long enough in this world, you have encountered suffering. Given this universal predicament, Dr. Webber examines the lives of suffering saints through the lens of Peter, allowing us to see God’s purposes and benefits in suffering. Utilizing 1 Peter as a manual, we gain insight into a side of suffering that brings encouragement to the believer.

An incorrect understanding of suffering can throw us into confusion and ineffectiveness, whereas a correct view can both glorify God and grant hope to the one who sees suffering from God’s perspective. Avoiding religious dogma and reflecting on God’s simple, pure truths, the reader is unshackled from legalistic rules and expectations and ushered into the presence of a loving, Sovereign God whose plans and ways are always higher than our own.

In this book, the reader will wrestle with his identity in Christ and recognize the rewards God promises the believer, emerging with greater trust in a loving God and seeing trials as an opportunity for growth in holiness as well as evidence of God’s grace. After encountering this study of suffering, perhaps we will never hold the same view of suffering again… more than that, we will know and proclaim that we have a Savior who willingly suffered and died for our sakes, one who can relate to and comfort us in the midst of life’s storms.

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